Welcome to Sweet Thoughts.

We are a traditional sweet shop selling over 1000 different sweets. SUGAR FREE - SUGAR FULL - LIQUORICE - SOUR - TOFFEES - BON BONS - HARD BOILED - GUMMY’S - ROCK - CHOCOLATE and much more. We also stock drinks even some import Fanta not many but a few. We are also able to make party bags to order it only takes a couple days notice and ready to hand out at the party (not just kids) Sherbet lemons Liquorice comfits Sweet tobacco Butter tablet Sweet peanuts Pear drops Kola kubes Bubbly Fruit salads & black jacks Popping candy Bubble bottles Flumps Merry maid toffees Milk gums Sherbet fountains Toffee crumble Liquorice pipes Parma violets To name a few.

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